I hope this new Godzilla movie isn’t gonna be wack. The previews remind me too much of inception. Too much end-of-the-world shit with overly-enhanced computer graphics. Let’s not compromise the authenticity of Godzilla. So far, I like the 1999 version better. I just hope the movie is nothing like what it seems right now.

This movie isn’t about the end of the world. The theme is man vs. nature, and that if you mess with nature, you’re gonna lose. It’s not “End of the world” per say, it’s more “Mother Nature correcting the ignorant mistakes that man has made throughout history and Godzilla is representing that force. This Godzilla is an origin story, going back to the roots like the 1954 movie with a dark undertone and a hidden message. This is not “Zilla” a mutated Iguana that eats Tuna, runs around New York, gets killed by the military and lays eggs. By the way it was “Godzilla 1998” not 99